My wife and I run a joint blog, where we theoretically talk about life together. What actually happens is that it doesn’t get used. Not often at least. At any rate, there are certain things I want to talk about that don’t really relate to our life together. Mainly things of a pop/culture nature. This is where I talk about that sort of stuff. I don’t want this to be just a movie/media review website, and I don’t really want to go out and see all the latest whatever it is so that I can give it two thumbs way up, or two thumbs kind of down. Mainly, I just want to talk about the things I encounter in culture, and the way it effects me, why I chose it, things like that. For example, an ongoing project I want to undertake is going through my album collection, describing each disk (no matter how virtual the disk actually is), why I picked it up, how much (if) I listened to it, and why. Another thing I want to do is a simple comparison between guitar hero and rockband. And as I see movies that are meaningful in some way, I’ll talk about that. If I read a really good book, I’ll talk about that.

This blog was also the result of a “New Year’s Resolution,” if you want to call it that. But I don’t think I’ll call it that. It’s not entirely accurate. It’s more like a New Year Objective, as I’m not really resolving to do anything, or resolving not to do anything, but I am making a priority, an objective, of writing. And this is a portion of that. My wife said to me, “It’d be nice if we could make an objective of creativity this year. Really make time for creativity.” I liked that, and this is me doing my part. Well, the part that you can see.


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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    DO NOT DELETE THIS COMMENT on penalty of sadness.
    This blog looks fun, and this bot looks forward to reading it.

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