Why Karl Marx Was Wrong About Anything He Ever Said Ever

So here’s a fun little Google image search you can try! Try searching for “carbuncles.”

Actually, by “fun” I mean “one of the most disgusting and potentially scarring things I’ve ever seen.” So why am I googling such horrific things? I’m glad you asked.

This is why Karl Marx was wrong about anything he ever said ever.

I was reading a list of the 15 Famously Filthy People From the Pages of History, and Karl Marx is on that list. He’s one of two that actually made me gag. Apparently he viewed bathing as a luxury of the bourgeois, and as a result suffered from these carbuncles. Well, I don’t know if suffered is the word. Maybe luxuriated. He looked at his poor hygiene as some kind of sign of his crusade. He was suffering for his cause.

But what I don’t get is why. The man was an evolutionist. How could he not recognize that every other animal needs to clean itself, and has a way to do so? Many animals lick themselves clean, some animals actually bathe in water, some need the help of smaller animals, but every animal has a way to clean itself.

Except for Marx. And I just can’t trust a man who lacks basic observational skills to handle my governing concepts (clever readers insert Bush joke here. Arf ar ar!).

This is why Karl Marx was wrong about anything he ever said ever.


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